1. Voice of Reisling

    Those are ideal parenting shoes.

  2. This actually a good plan. If she stumbles and falls in the water, babies are very buoyant. Eventually. dead babies float.

  3. Bob

    I just got some stuff from my dispensary called “Green Ivy”, so I’m pretty sure I just discovered where the name “Blue Ivy” came from. Must have been some good stuff to name their kid after it.

  4. PathosAvenger

    I see Beyonce got her some sailor legs. Argh.

  5. fred

    I think she goes to the same tanning salon as Michael Jackson.

  6. Those shoes are so very practical.

  7. Wouldn’t Blue Ivy be more appropriate as a color of paint or something?

  8. Hey! That white lady is stealing somebody’s black child!! Stop, I say!

  9. Two questions:

    What would those thighs look like if she didn’t dance for a living?

    Why hasn’t someone combed that child’s hair?

  10. heey

    …..because you wear those shoes for real and not just for photo-ops………..

  11. martina

    Is it common for 40 year old mothers to wear stripper heels when they vacation in Ibiza?

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