1. some black dude

    ” Oh my sweet. How I adore you. Atleast until youre 40 i do. Or until a younger hotter blonde comes along. but i do adore you. right now..”

  2. “Ha! That was fun. Huh. I wonder what just made me think ‘American Beauty’ after all these years?”

  3. Brit

    Spacey, “ha…she still hasn’t figured out that Camille got all his money!”
    Kelsey “STFU, she loves me”
    Kayte “where’s the wallet?”

  4. EricLR

    Whatever you do Kevin, DON’T TURN AROUND!!

  5. BP

    Spacey’s waiting for his kiss….from Frasier!

  6. cc

    And John McEnroe’s yells from the announcers booth ‘Cut that fucking shit out, there’s a fucking game on, you sonofabitch!’

  7. Spacey wouldn’t be laughing if he knew what was tickling his back

  8. echo5

    The greatest trick Frasier ever pulled was tossing a salad and scrambling some eggs in full view of the world.

  9. “Straight people crack me up.”

  10. Kayte: “Adore me!”
    Kelsey: “Change me!”

  11. “Ha Ha Ha, I’m straight though, I really am, Frasier will back me up on this”.

  12. Yeah, I’d laugh if I saw a woman trying to kiss her bank account with as little physical touch as possible on the Jumbotron too.

  13. Spacey smiles as he feels Kelsey’s boner pressing against his spine…

  14. Kevin Spacey: “HaHa! Wow… what are the chances that two of the people who blew me are actually making out behind me, right now?”

  15. Fig

    More life force, honey??

  16. heey

    Kevin is smiling because his young boyfriend is out of sight, but not out of touch.
    The joy of not being straight, you don’t have to sit and kiss your spouse out of desperation, ‘do you love me, show me you love me, kissme’

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