1. cc

    Dude, I said it was about this long, not as thick as a jar of mayonnaise. Get a grip.

  2. EricLR

    Looks like Jim is trying to explain why the U.S. Open is not boring as fuck.

  3. BP

    Jesus, will you cover your fucking mouth…..

  4. Yea, it might fit…

  5. caley

    “Jesus Christ!”
    “Yes, my son, I’m right here, you don’t have to yell!”

  6. Jim Caviezel explains the finer points of tennis to his old friend, the monster from every Japanese horror movie ever made.

  7. Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Morton Downey Jr. and Jesus are at a tennis match….

  8. Swingali

    Ok then after you open up like that, you line up with the penis and dive in. And THAT is how you get Oscar caliber roles.

  9. Lick My Fart

    Jerry Lewis

  10. AWOL

    …so at the end of he movie Arnie pushes Cohagen out to the Mars surface. He made this crazy face. Yeah that’s the one, just like that.

  11. “HEY LADEEEE!”

  12. CK

    Did they just open the Ark of the Covenant?
    (Raiders was on over the weekend, so shoot me.)

  13. Poor guy was just at the match with Jon Hamm the evening before. Still recovering…

  14. “How much longer Jim?”
    “Taking in to account the shadows on the court, the clock on the wall, and the fact that we just got here… I’m going to say six hours.”
    “AWW COME ON!”

  15. fred

    If I did not know any better, I would say this is a picture of present day Jim Caviezel on the right, and Jim Caviezel from the future on the left, coming back in time to eat unadulterated human flesh before the nuclear war happens in 2014.

  16. Indiana Jesus

    “See the trick is to look NEXT to the arc of the covenant… not directly at it.”

  17. Employee77

    “crucify him!”

  18. “Cover your mouth, Jesus. What? Were you raised in a barn?”

  19. Cypherpunk

    “2… weeks!”

  20. He’s going to have to unhinge his jaw a hell of a lot better than that if he plans on swallowing the Williams sisters whole.

  21. “So in the sequel, Jesus comes back to Earth and blesses Tim Tebow…”

  22. Must be in the special section…

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