1. “And if you stand up here, it’s like being five foot ten!”

  2. EricLR

    Step up on my magic box of everything I own!

  3. cc

    The self-consciously ‘different’ guy from grade 9 found a friend.

  4. “My bun still hurts from last night.”

    “tee-hee, so does mine”

  5. “John, this isn’t quite what I meant when I said we should go somewhere and get high.”

  6. This is the only box ive been on since ‘Potter’ wrapped

  7. Now we know his dealer’s name.

  8. tlmck

    “So when you’re in the bathroom stall, you put your foot out like this.”

  9. ruckus

    “Now, when your ready, just point your wand at it and say ‘ENGORGIO’.”

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