1. cc

    She’s really in uncharted waters as far as publicity seeking goes.

    • Think so? Because every now and then you see trailer trash shopping at Walmart in their underwear and i emphatically refuse to see any difference between that and what she’s doing here.

    • Cecilia

      Not really sure what to think about her flaunting everything, this time around. I don’t get it. If she wants us all to see her completely naked, why not walk around naked? Why pretend to be all artsy and creative, when she’s really just a nudist with a record-deal. And it’s not like we’re all wondering what her nipples look like. I fell like I’ve seen her boobs more often than I’ve seen my own…

  2. OH MY GOD! You can see Lady Gaga’s NIPPLES!!!!!

  3. Hugh Jazz

    “Sorry lady, you’re going to have to pay for those raspberry danishes you are attempting to smuggle in your… blouse thingy.”

  4. Hey…look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

  5. Amy

    Is she lactating?

  6. Countdown to Lady Gaga flashing her anus in 3…2…1

  7. meeps!

    If she’d asked nicely, the folks at ihop would have given her a “to go” box for those…

  8. I wonder if she knows we can see her boobies.

  9. Swingali

    Even her nipples look embarrassed to be around her.

  10. Beltliner

    This is why you don’t invite Macaulay Culkin to a pancake breakfast.

  11. Seen it all before. Yawn.

  12. “Right this way Mr. Warhol”

  13. Ozzy

    Look at me!!!

    I’m promoting a new album release that only you idiots with horrible taste would actually buy!

    I’m so Edgy!

  14. Nicole Kidman has perfected her gymnast pose I see.

  15. Mama Pinkus

    I’m sure Miley’s fame-whoring is cutting into her territory

  16. Moon Pie nipples.

  17. So… she’s pregnant? If there’s one thing this site has taught me, it’s that the belly-touching never lies.

  18. chopsuey

    enough with this trashy bitch already!!!!

  19. Hoo

    This one time, at band camp, i drew nipples on myself with a brown grease pencil.

  20. achmed aziz


  21. Jentilly


  22. Pepperoni AND salami.

  23. Jesus. Just show up naked already and get it over with.

  24. Flashing T&A : For when you’re all out of original ideas.

  25. JC

    Dave Matthews opening not-a-lady-Gaga’s car door seems a more important mystery to solve than where the pepperoni pancakes came from.

  26. Goodbye horses
    I’m lying, lying, lying over you

  27. Why the pasties? You just made a video with you doing yoga naked in the woods a few weeks ago. We’ve already seen the goods.

  28. She’s like that self centered theatre arts chick that was so annoying you paid one of the girls from the smoking pit to punch her in the face. Uhhhh… I mean, “It was 1987 and you ain’t got nuthin’ on me!”

  29. I was thinking she’s looking pretty decent until I realized she was wearing those nipple protector dealies. And then there’s the bruise on her thigh. And the poor waist-to-hip ratio. And the ring in her nose. And the lousy hairdo. Other than that…

  30. “Where’s the BEACH?!?”

  31. bitchy

    I now know why subway had to take away there avocado promotion…

  32. Sheesh. I mean – bad tattoos, insanity hair, your dad’s sunglasses from 1982, fake breast accessories, spray-tan, single-colour see-through swimsuit thing, hip surgery, skateboarding scars, public nudity – it’s all so last year.

  33. Paully Boston Baby!

    Holy Ariolas Batman!!! Ain’t nobody missing them things. Lady Gaga, can I go Baby Baba on them boobies??? What??? Mmmm….

  34. Jenn

    GaGa’s tatas aren’t selling any damn records.

  35. Emma Thompson looks great!

  36. heey

    she is even uglier than i knew

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