1. Willie Dixon

    Uh-oh, someone opened the Lost Ark.

  2. She’s a lot like Ashton Kutcher…she was big in the 80′s, but now Ashton is filling her old slot. wait…that’s not how it goes…oh well, NICE PANTS Demi! Did you hunt a couch on safari?

  3. Not bad for 60!

    • Dave Mustaine

      And tons of surgery. She looked hideous when she was young and still does now after getting fake teeth, chin, nose and everything else job.

      Just look at her kids. She wasn’t far from being gross like them before the surgery.

    • Dave Mustaine

      Ralph Lauren is looking better behind her.

  4. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Proving the older she get, the more she looks like Bruce!

  5. See! The Leann Rimes diet does work! And it doesn’t cost you a thing…unlike all those other pesky diets that require you to buy food!

  6. RHawk

    “Shit, I think my original nose has found me.”

  7. Johnny P!

    “My entire body hangs from my cheekbones.”
    - Patsy, AbFab

  8. Unholy krep

    Check it out…Cruella De Moore.

    Might wanna hide the dalmations.

  9. Perplexity

    Demi Moore, Ghost of Christmases Future

  10. farting old man's wife

    That is Ashton’s mistress!! HER! I will kick her ass!

  11. vlad

    see how the look of surprise makes the wrinkles disappear?…oh wait, that’s the botox talkin’

  12. The Most Interesting

    “Not the Vanity Fair cover! My one weakness!”

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