1. DeucePickle

    I knew who this was even before i scrolled down past the Klingon forehead

  2. I can’t get into it right now, but I’ve got an inside track on a possible end to the Middle East oil crisis.

  3. Cock Dr

    Get Ms Kotb some powder…please.

  4. Venom

    An ugly face to match and equally ugly name.

  5. *SPOILER ALERT* Worf became a tranny…as revealed by the upcoming Star Trek, Where Are They Now documentary.

  6. RHawk

    “Do or do not. A jedi knows not try.”

  7. Richard McBeef

    Getting high and naming your child while eating alpha-bits is never a good idea.

  8. That Tyler Perry, he’s always wearing kooky disguises!

  9. cc

    Her parents sucked at Scrabble.

  10. Ego, the living planet


  11. Unholy krep

    Wuh duh hell ah YOU????

  12. farting old man's wife

    At least she is better than Kathie Lee Pukeface! and less annoying!

  13. vlad

    I thought this was the maid Arnold made a beaner baby with

  14. HumpinFrog

    I want this mask for Halloween.

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