1. JabbaWho?

    fake lips=$1,000
    fake nose=$2,000
    fake tits=$5,000
    sex with Joey Buttafucko=ISHY!

  2. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    This chick looks as fun as a hole in the head.

  3. From Long Island Lolita to Los Angeles Pornstar.

    Cross country has never sounded like a shorter trip.

  4. Does ‘fuoco’ mean face? Because if it does then she’s a total buttafuoco.

  5. Venom

    Pretty good pornstar.

    Not afraid to take a shot to the head or give one either.

  6. This face is THE reason why I am addicted to underage Sicilian manslaughter porn.

  7. Johnny P!

    Like a doe caught in her own headlights.

  8. cc

    Holy crap, talk about ‘getting work done’. All that’s left of the old Amy Fisher is her spine I think.

  9. Unholy krep

    Wuh duh hell ah you???

  10. Blech

    Looks like a blow-up doll, open mouth and all.

  11. Trixie

    I honestly thought this was Britney Spears with her hair dyed brown. yeesh

  12. Truth, just-ice and the rough way

    To show the world she does not take things literally, Amy Fisher was seen attending a Henny Youngman’s tribute.

  13. Dave Mustaine

    Paint her face red and she looks exactly like “Darkness” from the movie Legend.

  14. Maybe we can put her in the ring against Octomom. No holds barred, no metal detectors.

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