1. DeucePickle

    Yo, wheres that Snooki is ?

  2. Satan's bitch

    “That’s right, baby, solid effing wood!”

  3. Gangster Squad? Los Angeles? Where’s his flannel shirt?

  4. I was 100% positive that is Jim Carey!

  5. “Seriously, what do you think of the wood? Fergie? No way! Are you serious?”

  6. cc

    Jersey Shore, you mean.

  7. swearin

    Lou Ferigno called, he wants his look back.

  8. “There’s another pair of tube socks missing from wardrobe. Somebody go check Brolin’s pants. Again.”

  9. farting old man's wife

    He is pitching a Pup Tent

  10. MRF

    Do these pants make my dick look big?

  11. Truth, just-ice and the rough way

    It’s been a long time since the Goonies but this guy have been doing a good job at choosing the right script.

  12. DogBoy

    I would say whatever he’s doing, he’s having a good time.

  13. chupacabra

    Only thing gansta was his performance as Brand in the Goonies… oh, that and his penis…

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