1. Richard McBeef

    dios mio que mujer

  2. maeby

    i hate my body.

  3. More like Puss n’ Boobs. Amirite? I don’t see any boots anywhere, do you?

  4. Cock Dr

    She is fine.

  5. WAAAAAY overrated. Her accent is irritating. She isnt that great looking either. (6 out of 10) She has a nice body, thats about it.

  6. Puss in boots, meet midgets in sweater…

  7. Venom

    I scrolled down straight to the boobs.

  8. RHawk

    When I look at her, I swear I hear angels making motor boat noises.

  9. cc

    Pussy in Boots…I’ve been waiting for this to come out.

  10. CranAppleSnapple

    The Ahhh Bra. The little bra that could.

  11. Ego, the living planet

    I did that sucking air thru my teeth sound when I saw the picture, so..

  12. “Puss in Boots” promises to be Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek’s greatest collaboration since “Desperado”.

  13. Perplexity

    The chain around her neck is part of an elaborate security system designed to keep her from whipping out her boob anytime someone walks by with a baby

  14. The Pope

    She’s obviously saving the wrinkle cream for the important areas.

  15. sc4play

    Everyone in Moscow was glad that Salma brought her puppies to the ‘Puss in Boots’ premiere.

  16. MRF

    Salma Hayek, in the only role for which she’ll be remembered.

    • Blech

      Seriously? She’s acted and produced/directed which is more than I can say about other actresses in Hollywood.

  17. gumption

    you know you’re a hetero female when you study the shades of her hair color and then scroll down and people are calmoring on about tits. I scrolled back up and my word are those well done impants. She had a good meaty cushion to hide those bags properly.

  18. tlmck

    This is how you are supposed to bounce back after you pop out a kid.

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