1. Seth Rogan is a brainless ass-clown. Ever see him in a interview? Hes a tool.

  2. Nooken

    Ohhhh… you saw The Green Hornet? Sorry about that…

  3. Venom

    3 of the worst actors in the world from the same crew in one post.
    Jonah Hill, Jason Segel and now Set Rogaine.
    I imagine the shittiest director in the world Judd Apatow will be along somewhere in the lineup to cap it off.

    • DogBoy

      Was thinking the same exact thing.
      though if it heads towards Kristen Bell or Mila Kunis….. count me in.

  4. RHawk

    He seemed less creepy fat.

  5. Tinkletits

    Nice man-tits, Missy.

  6. Tinkletits

    They say smoking too much weed stimulates estrogen production, with one of the side effects being enlargement of the mammary gland, and another being general douchery. As proof of this theory, I would like to present this photo as Exhibits A through infinity.

  7. Johnny P!

    “here’s my funny ‘underbite face!’ Funny eh? God I kill myself!”

  8. cc

    He looks like one of the fuckers in that most horrible of bands, The Barenaked Ladies.

  9. Perplexity

    Is that a chili cheese burger over there?

  10. farting old man's wife

    Please god, let me be funny!! Please please please!

  11. MRF

    He makes Drew Carey look sexy.

  12. vlad

    much better looking as a CGI alien

  13. GuyLeDouche

    Who let Mark Chapman out on parole? Does Yoko Ono know?

  14. UncleDenial

    “I like ‘taters,” announced Seth Rogan in hopes of getting the lead role in the remake of Slingblade.

  15. “Wow, check out that homeless guy throwin’ a beat over there. It’s strangely hypnotic, like a dirty, naked lava lamp. I just…I can’t look away.”

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