1. wtf

    damn she is a hot mom

  2. She must be going to the grocery store to stock up, because I can see her sternum and that kid doesn’t look like he’s missed a meal yet.

  3. RHawk

    Ted, here’s the free advice: breast feed until you are 30.

  4. “Now now hold a minute bitch…. You sayin’ I am cut off from those puppies in a couple months… You shittin me…”

  5. Venom

    Mommy spent a lot of time on her knees to make sure you will always have the best Polo sweaters honey.

  6. Lucy928

    She has always been so pretty… and her looks have never really changed in any way. Good for her. :-) She looks like she’d be sweet, too.

  7. farting old man's wife

    Why does that baby always look pissed??

  8. “Oh don’t be like that Teddy, you and I both know it’s time to try solid foods.”

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