1. Johnny P!

    Such beautiful legs…

  2. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    Now it’s a black woman in the background wondering “WTF? Who wants to lick silicone?”

  3. Joe

    Why is Sarah Jessica Parker licking Steven Tyler?

  4. For you Fugazi fans:

    “…I never licked the side of dying before “

  5. “This is how I hold my licker…”

  6. jimbo

    tastes like plastic…something not entirely foreign to her

  7. alex

    No no no, JD has finally figured out the expression that holds everything together. The second she closes her mouth, skin is flipping and flopping everywhere. Major yuck.

  8. EricLr

    I’d rather lick Lindsay Lohan’s used cigarette after wiping in on the floor of a NYC subway.

  9. rantatonne

    Is she like one of those toads that perspire psychedelic fluids? It would explain a lot…

  10. Doctor Botanus

    She really shouldn’t be making faces like that with the structural damage she’s got. I’m pretty sure that puppy’s been red-tagged.

  11. The model salt lick finally worked, now fire!

  12. DeucePickle


  13. cc

    The black girl is like ‘No, no, don’t take a pic with me here, I don’t know them!!!’

  14. meeps!

    Toad Licking 2012…

  15. hollyk

    Why is Courtney Cox licking that woma……oops

  16. Mama Pinkus

    so sad…..If Ms. Dickerson had laid off the drugs and plastic surgery she would sill be stunning; instead she looks like an Asian drag queen

  17. Bigalkie

    She’s really arrived. Her reality show budget includes ” holder uppers”.

  18. Bigalkie

    She’s really arrived. Her reality show budget includes ” holder uppers”.

  19. LLBL

    I’d like to put my penis in the middle of all that.

  20. I don’t think I’d want to take even a wild guess at what they’re alluding to in this picture. Needless to say, it can’t be very sanitary.

  21. So you have to let them practice on you after you sire one?

  22. Gabe Kaplan

    Okay …change partners!
    Uh,thank you Janice, We’ll let you know.

  23. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Oh. No. No no no no no…

  24. When did “air kissing” become “air licking”??

  25. Courtkney

    All that botox leaking out of her pores will get you FUCKED UP.

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