1. USDA Prime McBeef


  2. What star was she dancing with? The sun?

  3. Jade

    Pam Anderson, after partying the night before and waking up in a random parking lot.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Can we stop acting like she’s still hot yet?

  5. Showgirls 2 casting call?

  6. Cock Dr

    That’s her game face. There must be a cash prize involved.

  7. Doctor Botanus

    The good thing about this costume is that she won’t look out of place begging for change on the Las Vegas Strip.

  8. I can’t decide who looks like they want to be there less: her, or that dress.

  9. What star do they have her paired off with?

  10. Radadoon

    Pamela seem stomping off after being informed that she had a bad case of “Lumpy Leg”.

  11. I’d seen enough of that to be sick of it LONG before her body went all funhouse mirror…now it’s like a science experiment into the concept of “oh that’s sad”.

  12. cc

    Considering she’s a SuperFund site she looks okay.

  13. bonky

    I would still hit it. Just sayin……

  14. RobN

    The only celebrity who has to dance wearing more clothing than they do on a regular day.

  15. Mama Pinkus

    I’ll say it again – the poor thing is unable or unwilling to pass the ‘ho baton – she is well on her way to ending up like Mae West (yeah Google that, you young fucks)

  16. Bigalkie


  17. Carolyn

    She looks like shit.

  18. zzzzzzzzzz…

  19. Pierce Bronzetan

    Maybe they should change the show’s name to “Dancing with Hepatitis.”

  20. savedatwins

    when you start to resemble a leather sack with two basketballs in it, it’s time to hang up your “sex symbol” crown

  21. ...

    Looks like Saigon whore. LOL!

  22. Joaquin ingles

    “One Dilaudid, one 8-ball, one beeeeeer!”

  23. Ismoss

    Its getting to the point that you need to put on a condom just to look at her picture.

  24. …and guess who was first to be eliminated.

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