1. SIN

    Aww…come on. Its my turn to ride in the stroller.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Erica: Uh oh, Peter! You got a little spit ups on your bibbies! Aaaaaaw! Who’s the cutest little husband in da world? You are! That’s right, you are!
    Peter: Sweetheart, forgodsake, I’m not the one in the stroller!

    • Oh, I get it! It’s funny because he’s SHORT! Like a baby! And that’s why his wife mistook him for an infant in your “joke”! Ahahahaha! [wipes away a tear].

      God. That slayed me.

      You should tell him he’s short and that it’s funny, ThisWillHurt. I bet no-one’s EVER pointed that out to him before.

  3. “Enjoy it while it lasts, Kid. Soon as you turn 1, that thing is MINE!”

  4. EricLr

    Don’t MAKE me run comically after you, bitch!

  5. Maybe if he stood on his tiptoes, the stuff in his pockets wouldn’t bounce against his knees.

  6. Colin

    “Who the fuck is in my stroller?”

  7. B&WMinstrel

    No wonder he’s smiling, six whole years until he has to buy any clothes for the kid.

  8. cc

    I am telling you, you have to be fast to the primo seat in that household.

  9. cagster

    He’s counting the days until baby is able to rock him to sleep.

  10. Uncle J

    Eh man! Quit Bogarting the Dinkmobile.

  11. They’re dropping his son off at college, now might be a good time to let him walk himself

  12. Inside Job

    I just got out of a cold pool and had Peter Shrinkage.

  13. Joaquin ingles

    Kid in the stroller pointing: “Baby, baby!”

  14. Does John Hamm know his penis started a family without him?

  15. JK

    Yes you must walk at least 15ft in front of me so the paps make us look nearly the same height.

  16. Buddy The Elf

    He’s an angry elf.

  17. A baby and a toddler.

  18. LilDeuceDeuce

    I don’t care what anyone says. Peter Dinklage is the fucking man. Amazing actor who instantly raises the bar on every project he’s ever been involved with. And no, raising the bar isn’t a ‘short’ joke. He’s amazing in a small independent Western called “The Last Rites of Ransom Pride.”

  19. leek

    “Holy crap… this one looks like Jaime too?!”

  20. HollywoodOutsider

    Erica is so abusing her normal-sized legs.

  21. NattyIce

    “You don’t want to sit in the carriage anymore? Fine. But you better keep up, I’m not missing our appointment.”

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