1. Proof that beautiful people can have ugly children just like you and me

  2. BillEBuoy

    trying to give you a Thumbs Up but it won’t accept it! Two Thumbs Up.

  3. That is one cute little bitch.

  4. Doctor Botanus

    This photo drove Jessica Simpson to go to KFC and order two “sympathy buckets”.

  5. cc

    Did she REALLY give birth?

  6. Fuck Jessica Simpson!

  7. Bigalkie

    She gets three thumbs up from bigalkie!

  8. Inside Job

    What an ugly kid

  9. BAHAH

    I’ll never understand LA outfits….Shorts as if it is 90 degrees, and then a blazer, as if it was 70 degrees.

    Hahaha, and to the people who call her child ugly, watch out, she might have ugly ducking syndrome, awkward child now, bombshell in 15 years. You never know.

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