1. The Bloodhound has picked up the scent of a bitch apparently

  2. Animal

    Maybe the hound’s grin is a subliminal influence, but she looks pretty sweet to me.

  3. cc

    I hope ‘My Pet Goat’ turns out better than it did last time.

  4. B&WMinstrel

    The one in the middle’s wings are on backwards

  5. For the record, I notice she’s not holding a book…

  6. Hello Ashanti. It’s been a long time. Still as sexy as ever. God damn she looks good.

  7. Jay

    Too bad she went broke. This girl was cool, and probably the last talented R&B singer to be relevant before we had Nicki Minaj and her fake-ass body in our face.

  8. Bigalkie

    The busy background distracts the viewer from her unfortunate reality.

  9. Her pussy smells so good, even that dog is paying attention.

  10. Inside Job

    I would feast!

  11. It’s weird that Ashanti would go on a white person’s acid trip.

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