1. George P Burdell

    Girl! Did you have Taco Bell for lunch?

  2. “Yo dis next track goes out to the Reverend Martin Luther King.”

  3. Big black guy on left saying it all with his facial expression.

  4. I have the feeling the word “Yeah!” was mentioned that night.

  5. One of these guys has a shart fetish…you see him.

  6. EricLR

    Was it family night?

  7. In every picture there’s a dude holding a champagne glass politely ogling and saying it all.

  8. donkeylicks

    In the background of every picture there’s a black girl saying it all with her badonkadonk.

  9. “Hey, keep it down!..Can’t you see I’m eating?”

  10. Mitch

    Don’t tell me the Italians like this garbage “music”?

    Keep it in America, the home of the brainwashed, where MTV and radio dictate the garbage music you must listen to.

  11. martina

    Italy doesn’t have Haz Mat Teams, right?

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