1. httpASS://

  2. George P Burdell

    Thank you

  3. I see she’s following the Kardashian rule book for subtlety and dignity…

  4. I’ll take two please

  5. It looks like the person who designed her panties really doesn’t understand underwear very well…and yet understands asses at a genius level.

  6. This is more like “Cocktoberfest.”

  7. Capn Obvious

    I want to go to there.

  8. dennis

    Why does she not have my beer?

  9. Fucking duckface.

  10. Wouldn’t you love to have a beer stein as nice as that ass…filled with beer?

  11. What if the hottest chick at the party stripped down to her lingerie, just for you? And what if she brought beer—really good beer?

  12. Who? Clothes? What? Sure.

  13. Better than Miss Butt Brazil.

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