1. Sooner or later someone is going to tell these chick’s that he’s not Leonard from The Big Bang Theory.

  2. George P Burdell

    Life is good when you are the last living Corey.

  3. Unknown

    I think the girl on his right is Daisy De La Hoya, she’s related to Oscar De La Hoya some how?

  4. anonymous

    Isn’t that Daisy Delahoya on the left? Is she finally a hooker…or maybe has been this entire time?

  5. richie

    gets creepier each day

  6. The chicks just know.

  7. Without photos of Corey, and selfies from Kelly Brook, the internet would be empty.

  8. broduhjenner

    this is a walking hpv public service announcement.

  9. The girl with the sunglasses is feeling the itch.

  10. EricLR

    I think I saw these two girls on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

  11. Does he issue them a Tootsie Pop when they show up from the agency or are they expected to provide their own?

  12. You know, as much as I want to hate this man, he’s always having the time of his life in these pics with hot trashy women.

    I can’t really knock him too bad.

  13. Rabid1

    The skank on the left is Daisy De La Hoya. The skank on the right is just realizing how low she has sunk.

  14. The amount of accessories in this photo are astounding.

  15. dennis

    I think when Corey asked Daisy to hang out and do some coke– this wasn’t what she had in mind.

  16. Capn Obvious

    Pathetic…thy name is Corey.

    How about an actual job munchkin? You know, one where you work, they pay you, and then you pay your rent?

  17. Are you sure that’s Corey? Looks just like Skrillex. lol

  18. so cory, what are you trying so desperately to publicly compensate for?

  19. Everywhere this guy goes he acts like he’s making a grand entrance. I wonder if he acts that way when he goes in to take a dump.

  20. Daisy does not look too bad still. I wish I had a 2 a day hooker trust fund.

  21. evilstamos

    Corey Feldman as Michael Jackson in “The Charlie Sheen Story”

  22. Fappuccino

    Tiny little goof. Looks like a kid wearing his dad`s boots.

  23. “Okay, Corey. How much will it take for you to drop this lawsuit against Mr. Jackson?”

    “Let’s see…two hookers a night at $300 each, for 50 years…um, okay, there are 365 days in a year…”

    – excerpt from Feldman v. Jackson negotiations, 1993

  24. blobfish

    Corey Feldman has been looking a lot better since they passed that law allowing therapy prostitutes in all public establishments.

  25. martina

    So, where’s the DEA?

  26. FUN FACTS: Daisy DeLaHoya was on Rock of Love, a reality dating show where the “winner” won Bret Michaels.
    She dated Corey Haim shortly before he died (coincidence?)
    She is NOT related to Oscar DeLaHoya, and that is not her real name.
    It costs $2400 a year to keep her lips inflated.
    She had her own show called “Daisy of Love”. The “winner” was a guy named “London” who was a back up dancer for Lady Gaga.

  27. Shorty80

    Crack Rock of “Love”.

  28. Corey has good taste in vapid hookers.

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