1. “Yah, vee awe so poud dat she mak da money vit hah neeples.”

  2. They look like cool parents.

  3. Josephus

    Well now we know what happened to Seal’s face.

    • Yeah, this guy looks like he’s seen some shit and would saw your head off if you made him mad enough.

      • crb

        Exactly. He’s got that , “You leetle veener-schneetzers heff NO ITEAHH how much you ken schpank zee laydeez; -EEF you are ze bad-ass like zet Most Eenterezteenk Menn.

        Hear; Vatch. ERNA! Benden-zee ovah! NOW, BEETCH!!!”

  4. Pretty stylin’ guy for however old he must be.

  5. Gunther Klum is a pretty fucking metal name. I wonder if he uses umlauts…he’s really missing the boat if he doesn’t use umlauts.

  6. EricLR

    Stay molesty, my friends.

  7. catapostrophe

    He looks like a cross between Fred Willard and Ed Hurley. She looks half in the bag.

  8. Tiggles

    “I don’t always bang older women, but when I do, its Heidi Klum’s mom.”

  9. gigi

    whoa… I’m getting a swing-ish vibe from these two! hm, could be kinda hot…

  10. Darth Mung

    “Wha hoppen?”

  11. Um, has anyone told Germany that its not actually October yet?

    You know what? NEVER MIND. NEVER MIND. What the hell was I thinking? Interrupting Germans while they’re drinking?? Shit, there’s no faster way to get stabbed in the spleen!!

  12. Heidi’s mom looks like a fuckin’ hottie. I wonder if she swallows…

  13. Mitch

    I’d play “Tummy Sticks” with Gunther.


  14. I like his jacket, that is all. Her mom seems like a fund drunk.

  15. BenDoverman

    Die, Allied schweinehund!

  16. Fred Willard is aging well!

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