1. Full steam ahead to the buffet tables. Legs don’t give out now for low blood sugar.

  2. anonymous

    Is there some Hollywood fat ass dress code wearing black Nike that Rob K and Johan H are following?

  3. All ready to go with his large cup full of Coke syrup.

  4. He’s walking off his recent Christmas dinner.

  5. EricLR

    He’s been pissed ever since Ed Hardy made him stop wearing his shirts.

  6. He must know the McRib is back for a limited time only.

  7. broduhjenner

    does anyone else find it weird that we have never seen Rosie O’Donnell and Rob Kardashian in the same room?

  8. guest

    damn she got fat (works here too)

  9. “Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob,Rob, guess what day is it Rob?!”

    “…It’s Male Breasts day….”


  10. spider farmer

    your Spanx are showing

  11. Capn Obvious

    Nice titties.

    Oh wait, nevermind.

  12. fred

    This is actually smart. Wearing all black with red socks draws the eye to the only skinny part on his body.

  13. I KNEW George Zimmerman had a secret identity!

  14. What kind of dude wears leggings to work out?

  15. You’re Never Dressed Like a Slob With the Right Pair of Socks.

    Socks. By Rob Kardashian.

  16. cc

    Socks by Chairman Mao

  17. Robb7

    The only Kardashian without a dick.

  18. martina

    Doesn’t Kris use him as a Bouncer?

  19. Thicky thicky thick-ums.

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