1. We finally get introduced to the meat in this sandwich.

  2. The gays do love fashion.

  3. A Zucchini and 2 Jonas brothers? This won’t end well…

  4. “This douche has no vest!” she exclaimed.

    So, she tested the douche who was second in line.

    “This douche has no hat,” she said.

    So, she tested the last douche.

    “Ahhh, this douche is juuust right,” she said happily.

  5. EricLR

    Usually a sandwich only has *two* pieces of whitebread.

  6. How much dick did they have to suck for those “ensembles”?

  7. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    What’s Italian for “Lucky Pierre?”

  8. fred

    Not pictured (ever in any Jonas brothers picture): women.

  9. “Yes, I am running for President in 2016, and these two gents will be running my campaign…right up their asses!”

  10. “Guess who is having a threesome tonight, this guy”

  11. Fifty shades of gay.

  12. It’s not often that a fashion designer gets to be the butchest thing in the picture.

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