1. George P Burdell

    The girls just laughed and laughed. Thet knew Miley went twerking without any underwear.

  2. Why is this picture here? They’re on TV every day and most likely talk about shit like this every day.

  3. Kim K’s underwear is pretty hilarious.

  4. I wonder how many of those 7am glasses of merlot it takes to make underwear that funny?

  5. EricLR

    They’re like a never-ending, post-menopausal bachelorette party!!

  6. What do they drink wine while they’re on the air??

    Listening to these two hens cluck is my worst nightmare.

  7. Who knew that testing the tensile strength of panties could be so fun?

  8. “And to think this was all it used to take to give Frank an erection!”

  9. Jenn

    Then I let em go *snap* maaan Frank screamed so loud every dog in the neighborhood started howling. He walked funny for a week!

  10. ha ha ha…I haven’t worn these in years! more wine!

  11. fred

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes. Yes I would have to stretch them like that to get them over my fat ass. You’re funny Kathie Lee.”

  12. Hoda and Kathie Lee are playing strip poker. The loser is the viewing audience.

  13. “Matt Lauer won’t wear these…they’ll clash with his baby blue camisole.”

  14. crb

    “I KNOW! -But remember Ho-ho, when you’re a Married old whore-bag, you don’t have to wear ass-floss EVER-AGAIN. Can you say, ‘No-Fault Divorce’?”

  15. “Haaaaa, these are the panties I threw onstage at Billy Ray Cyrus 15 years ago! I can’t believe Miley saved them for all these years!”

    “Kathie, how did she know they were yours?”

    “Frank talked me into having my nametag sewn into all my panties back in the 90s. I never understood why he wanted…oh. Ohhh. Sonofabitch.”

    *drinks more wine*

  16. cc

    This one goes around Kim’s left thigh.

  17. martina

    What’s funny is that neither of them know what that is.

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