1. Ruth

    As long as both have been sterilized, I have no problem with this.

  2. Can I be cool if I call myself…


  3. InkyBlack

    Dyslexic and color blind. Poor fucker.

  4. SIN

    Isn’t it nice. The Special School let the retards walk to the bus stop. Too bad they forgot their helmets.

  5. Anthony

    He looks like a cancer patient

  6. Inner Retard

    Looks like she’s walking with her teenage son.

  7. Those tattoos ruined a perfectly serviceable woman.

  8. mrsmass

    no idea what a Deadmau5 is.

  9. And in an effort to stay relevant….

  10. rantatonne

    Deadmau5 noooo. Will i still listen to your music, yes. But deadmau5, noooooooo!

  11. B&WMinstrel

    They can really make a footpath look clean

  12. EricLr

    I hope the CDC is aware that they’re just walking around a populated area.

  13. I'mCool

    Glad they finally came out with a Deadmau5. Is this the one with 4G?

  14. Eve

    Samantha Ronson is looking more awake than usual.

  15. Deadmau5 and smells like DeadFi5h

  16. JungleRed

    “Douchebag1″ was taken?

  17. Jeezus Ms Von Teese, you’re slipping. Sure you use to do lesbian porn, then got all classy, but now all the tatts, and your poster boy for heroine use?!

  18. Hepatitis epidemic, you say? Shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

  19. This looks like a bad dream sequence from “The Big Bang Theory.”

  20. Old Shakespear


  21. Turd Ferguson


  22. Is it okay if I don’t hate the bipolar sneakers? Everything else on this pic can go fuck itself, but those things are pretty sweet.

  23. Yikes

    This photo makes my crotch itch

  24. Jonesy

    Why the fuck isn’t he wearing his giant mouse head? The mouse head is half the band Deadmau! You never drop your band mates for a woman. I’m with the mouse head on this one. Fuck you and Yoko or whatever her name is.

  25. gnarla

    Deadmau5 loves Minecraft.

  26. Joaquin ingles

    This guy didn’t burn up in a plane crash?

  27. Pine Table Fever

    If you (dare to) look close enough, one of her tattoos says ‘To dispose of, burn thoroughly’.

  28. I’ll bet she’s hot as hell with the lights off.

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