1. InkyBlack


  2. Hey Edge…

    You’re bald and we all know it.

  3. suedemonas

    “Yo, hot dog man! Up here, Balcony 2A!”

  4. SIN

    Seig Heil !!

  5. it had to be said

    Seig . . . HEIL!

  6. Inner Retard

    Bono: Hey, Prince Albert! Up here dude! How is it hanging?
    Edge: Shut up, Bono! He might come over and I don’t want to take off my hat.
    Bono (snickering): His name is Prince Albert…

  7. B&WMinstrel

    See? There ARE little people who don’t pay taxes – The one percent

  8. Black is slimming.

  9. “It’s all right! It’s all right! Alright! She moves in mysterious ways!”

  10. Johnny P!

    Chaz and KDC do their best Evita balcony scene.

  11. JungleRed

    Those must be the special seats, where the cherub gives you a hand job.

  12. Cock Dr

    The plaid goes well with the gilded opera.

  13. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal
  14. There’s no better venue to see Patti Smith than the Opera Garnier Fructis, I always say.

  15. Carolyn

    They got all dressed up.

  16. Old Shakespear

    Is he that huge or is he about to be mounted by a headless man?

  17. Swearin

    Bono: “Hey, Spider Man! Up here!”
    Edge: “Goddamnit, we’re not doing that anymore. This is an opera”

  18. tlmck

    “Hello Patti! It’s Robin Williams here!”

  19. Thank God he has those sunglasses, it looks so bright in there.

  20. Delicious Bass

    Bono, will you EVER stop wearing the blue-blocker sunglasses? You’ve surpassed Douche Level 4 already (Level 3 was posting photos of his white pasty body at the beach).

  21. I never noticed how stubby his fingers were before. Of course I think he’s an insufferable douche with only one good album, so I rarely examine him too closely.

  22. Sean Penn and Robin Williams have a son who sings in a band…

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