1. Well, better that than seeing her clam, I suppose.

  2. LilDeuceDeuce

    You’d make that face too if you had a leaky oyster.

  3. it had to be said

    That awkward moment when you see someone ugly and realize it’s a mirror.

  4. mrsmass

    i just got back from vacation in Wellfleet. disturbing to see this shirt on her.

  5. More like a well-fed clam, amirite?

  6. When I make this face, don’t I look just like Kirstie Alley in a wind tunnel?

  7. She needs to work on that De Niro impersonation

  8. cc

    Looks like she finally got together with that Navy guy.

    • hahaha I still can’t believe she said those things!! The techs must have wanted to fuck around on top of that though because what are the odds of the next question being about a wet willy?

  9. “Uhhh, I just pooped! Thank God I carry a plastic bag to put my soiled clothes in!”

  10. Voicer

    Couldn’t find a clean sweatshirt Mer’??

  11. i would pound on this old bags pussy…only because i have no shame.

  12. Old Shakespear


  13. pipedreamer

    Is that my career or my vagina that smells like that? Either way I’m in trouble!

  14. Sho enuff

    When I first got HD, I saw her face. Oh Shit! Not good…

  15. Jethrie

    “Look, I can make my neck into a hundred tiny vaginas. A hundred!”

  16. “I just smelled John Travolta’s finger!”

  17. daBhom

    This is also her fingerprint

  18. “Sweet Jesus, that is some nasty-ass crank!”

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