1. AZ

    those are some XS small spanx

  2. Gary Grant


  3. Ken

    Wha… ? This shot looks like a picture of a cardboard cutout taken from a less-than-optimum angle. Talk about your 2-dimensional characters.
    Not commenting on the young lady, just the photo.

  4. InkyBlack

    Either I’m having a flashback or her head’s all wonky.

  5. Fish got the final 5 right.

  6. “It’s been a long time Christina Hendricks…there can be only ONE”

  7. Something has got to give! If those boobs get squeezed any harder, I expect to see areolas and nipples start popping out from anatomically INCORRECT places.

  8. She looks smart.

    • Snack pack

      And interesting. I’d like to hear what she has to say.

      • Jonesy

        You want to hear what she’d have to say? Here:

        “Dr. says these huge tits are putting undue stress on me spinal cord. Oh well, lets go to lululemon and do some shopping; they have great stuff for guys too!”

  9. M3

    Is she mostly T-Rex DNA?

  10. Axy

    I believe that dress was made for a less endowed woman.

  11. Fuck a duck…she is SO hot!

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