1. Actually, this is the Inflatable Tiffani Thiessen, but it’s very lifelike.

  2. Still so would…

  3. are these tits on NBC this fall then?

  4. Seems like the longer she holds her breath, the bigger her boobs get.

  5. I demand she makes a shot for shot remake of “Showgirls” right now!

  6. schmidtler

    She should have used all that extra material that’s covering her tits to cover up her face instead.

  7. Pickle Nose

    Hello, old Friend…

  8. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Valerie got old.

  9. MilwaukeeJoe

    Still so very, very hot.

  10. The Pope

    Well she certainly held up better than that bitch Lisa Carosi.

  11. Pippi Longcocking

    Am jerking off to old Melrose Place episodes right now…

  12. icu

    Kelly Ka-POWski!

  13. She is adorable. I want to have her baby.

  14. EricLR

    No Tiffani, you’re in the wrong place. You were invited to the “Fail To Launch” Party.

  15. You know, if she played a role where she was the hot mom who used to be the hot chick in high school who married the douche, but had an affair with the jock and realised she made a mistake by not going for the nerd then I would… naaaaahhhh! Nobody would be interested in that crap.

  16. Eko

    Holy shit! She’s sexy! Much better now!

  17. I'mCool

    Am I the only one who sees Admiral Ackbar staring back at me from that top she’s wearing?

  18. She looks a couple of cup sizes more talented than last time I saw her.

  19. I swear I’m staring at her eyes.

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