1. BP

    What’s so funny about Stephen Tyler on tour promoting American Idol….

  2. She’s channeling her Donald Trump look.

  3. rospo

    Hello Lindsay Lohan, looking good these days.

  4. crb

    F**k you too, Catherine Keener. I never liked you. Not even in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

    You try and spit at me, and Wayne Brady’s gonna smack a bitch!

  5. martian leader

    ‘…so special. i got to have some of yo’ at-en-shun. Give it to ME!!’

  6. EricLR

    Bad-mouth her all you want, but she was great in Aerosmith.

  7. And wearing the latest fashions from Krypton.

  8. fred

    “Ma’am? I am not a ma’am. I used to be somebody damn it. I used to be beautiful.”

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