1. The Dude

    What. The. Fuck.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    That towel needs to be 10 feet longer. In both directions.

  3. It’s so small by but maybe we should have a Jaeger punch it just in case.

  4. Tales from the Crypt, the talk show.

  5. I haven’t quite been able to figure out why I hate this waste of skin. Getting closer to figuring it out now though…..

  6. Hugh Jass

    We’re going to need a bigger towel

  7. Where’s Norman Bates when we really need him?

  8. Too bad Giuliani isn’t mayor anymore – when he was in charge, the streets were clean, and the hookers stayed on 8th avenue.

  9. God damn, she’s off-putting.

  10. my mother has nicer legs. She is 84.

  11. Frankie

    That pic gave me a derection.

  12. Were her legs hit with an IED?

  13. teddy

    is she 100?

  14. Beer for thought

    That’s OK, I don’t need to sleep tonight…

  15. We all owe that towel our lives.

  16. Those legs are at least 90 years old

  17. The Pope

    Really? Nobody had a toaster handy?

  18. Dana

    How in the world am I supposed to know this person again?

  19. Despite her disguise, Dina Lohan still could not elude police.

  20. The one time I would want a shower to put out Zyklon B.

  21. CK

    And this beat that ‘kris’ show with a new-season pick-up?
    don’t get me wrong, both cunts need to be tossed in a volcano, but still…

  22. EricLR

    God, please don’t let go.

  23. Candid Camera peeks in on Eternia’s biggest villain.

  24. I have never wanted to reach through my monitor and smack someone so badly in my life

  25. Seriously, how is it possible for a woman to have absolutely disgustingly gross knees and ankles?! Meth. That’s how… meth.

  26. glam

    She smiled so tensely, she shat herself. At least that’s what happened in my mind.

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