1. C’mon Miranda, my Uncle has been pulling the old “I lost my finger trick” for years. You can’t fool me.

  2. JC

    Normally I’d decline, but for you Miranda, I say yes, you can put all three in my stink.

  3. “Amanda!! How many time do you want to bang me today!”

  4. 3 times? Dammit, it will be tough, but I will try.

  5. Frank The Tank

    Flashing west coast gang signs!

  6. Cock Dr

    The nipples help hold up the dress….what a shame.

  7. she’s so pretty. always = boring comments. like this one.

  8. I can’t blame Orlando for only lasting 3 seconds on this lovely lady.

  9. ilikemeatonthembones

    I don’t see what you guys love so much about this pack of bones.

    • inkydinky

      probably because she’s always showing her boobs to everyone and posing half naked all the time. another famewhore who needs to go away. she looks like a swizzle stick Kewpie doll with little tits.

  10. Weck

    “Get a goal, get a plan, and get off your asssss.”

  11. “Oh, this? I got it bit off when I was in Mount Doom.”

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