1. The Brown Streak

    Looks like they got a couple with 4 nuts to promote their nuts.

  2. “Bitch, no! This is my cookie.”

  3. Fish sucks on iPad

    That is one giant human being! Lamar looks taller, also.

  4. it had to be said

    Damn, Lamar had a wookie-punch target tattooed on his head? Dude, you may not always be married to the wookie.

  5. Nice head tat. She’d better be careful or Jesse James is going to steal her man.

  6. “Hi I’m Lamar Odom, my wife Khloe Kardashian only puts two kinds of nuts in her mouth…”

  7. Typical gay black guy, always going for fat white dudes.

  8. I’m drawing a blank on some kind of witty analogy between opening pistachio nuts with your thumbs and her vagina.

  9. She didn’t know what he was eating. She has been trained to come running when she hears the cellophane. It’s Pavlovian.

  10. Cock Dr

    I think I’m understanding why she married him now.
    He makes her look smaller.
    No, wait, he makes her look less big. Yes, that’s it. Less big.
    She’s almost a regular girl in that photo. Thick, but ok.

  11. CMK

    Pistachios? I thought they were advertising Jack Links Beef Jerky.

  12. KC

    I love these behind the scenes photos of Lando and Chewie.

  13. Racer X

    DAT ASS.

    /Lamar is a lucky man

  14. Lamar’s taking his cow for a walk.

  15. They always seemed like the most normal and happy out of that whole clown crew. Good for them.

  16. “But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.”

    “That’s ’cause droids don’t pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that.”

  17. gwinderson

    She eats white nuts?

  18. Steelerchick

    Eat my nuts Lamar!!

  19. is that a wookie bite on his head?

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