1. it had to be said

    Nice. Looks like she got a facelift on her chest. Good thinking.

  2. The Brown Streak

    All this time, I never knew she had a head.

  3. I still can’t shake the image of her gargling Tommy Lee’s balls out of my head.

  4. LJ

    Proof that a paper bag over her head would work.

  5. Cock Dr

    Life in the old girl yet.

  6. Aud

    She ages well, I’ll give her that

  7. Cam

    Wow by Courtney Stodden standards she looks at least 15 years old. You still got it Pammy!

  8. gwinderson

    She has a baby butt for tits

  9. Angie Dickinson flashback.

  10. cc

    Hmph, not bad at all really.

  11. Ugh

    Awww, we don’t get to see how her overplucked, trailer park face has aged!
    Well, it doesn’t seem like anyone here actually NOTICED…

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