1. Is it just me or does it look like he has a small squirrel hanging out of his pocket? Is he going to meet up with Richard Geere?

  2. desabrey

    Gollum wears paisley?

  3. Jesus…. there’s really not much to say here. Steriod abuse and paisley just don’t mix.

  4. The Brown Streak

    Christopher Walken, I weep for you…oh, Mickey Rourke? Phew, I was worried there.

  5. Fish sucks on iPad

    tiny dinosaur in breast pocket?

  6. that there is a sad mess of a human being

  7. g-moonie

    It says a lot about this post when Mickey Rourke actually looks normal compared to everybody else -

  8. GuyLeDouche

    They Live…

  9. I want to do a gravestone rubbing of his face.

  10. Venom

    That face…wow..

  11. Cool, the Walking Dead season 2 has started.

  12. HortonHearsABoob

    Bea Arthur’s looking pretty good for a dead broad.

  13. I thought that was a squirrel in his pocket

  14. surgerylass

    The kerchief in his jacket pocket looks like a squirrel head .. ??

  15. SimoneDeB

    The best “Just say no” campaign ever.

  16. Aud

    I don’t know what the hell it is about him, but I would do him in a second…and then regret it later…maybe…

  17. sc4play

    Wait… Mickey in New York for fashion week, too??? He’s sooo stylish and junk!

  18. I am comparing this picture with Val Kilmer’s pic from yesterday. Yep, same person. You can’t fool us!!!

  19. Enough with the Nancy Grace DWTS photos already…

  20. gwinderson

    He’s an Oscar-winning actor? Okay, stop punking the world, Bieber.

  21. youbetcha

    H forgot the gold chain necklace for this ensamble.

  22. Napoupi

    Lindsay’s doing great, stfu u haterz !

  23. Steelerchick

    Burn victim?

  24. cc

    It’s a new Batman villain called, um, ah who the fuck knows.

  25. Lucidlohan

    They buried Heath in his joker costume?

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