1. Cam

    Jesus guys,easy with the spoilers! The Walking Dead doesn’t premier until October 16th and I want to be surprised by the new zombies.

  2. gwinderson

    Gollum fills that dress out nicely.

  3. Chancy

    So what you people are saying is that no woman has the right to be fit and healthy and instead should have a body like Rosie O’Donnell or Camryn Manheim.

    Maybe all you corn shuckers living in fly-over think 275 lbs. is the new 105 lbs., but I myself will gladly take a woman with LeAnn Rimes body type.

  4. Cue Milla Jovovich and her zombie-killing talents!

  5. cc

    She looks like a used pipe-cleaner.

  6. LeAnn, can you sit down? I have some laundry to do on that chest of yours

  7. arnieblackblack

    I’d rather take one from my father than put my penis near this ratty bag of bones. She’s a twat.

  8. Khloe_is_a_sasquatch

    28 days later….

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