1. Did she run out of cotton balls and eat her sleeve instead?

    • kimmykimkim

      Oh man! I just made a cotton ball joke on the story page. You beat me to it, bianca! Well, hamburgers!!

  2. Ever since Gollum became a celebrity, he’s let fame go to his head… What’s next? Bikini endorsements?

  3. The Brown Streak

    I have a sudden urge for some ribs.

  4. Bobobo

    Ali Lohan looks great here.

  5. didn’t know George A.Romeo was shooting another movie.

  6. I could fit her on my dick as well as Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Ali Lohan. Not that I’d want to. The vagina exits straight through to the asshole, right? Help me out here, I know there are some anatomical experts on this site.

  7. it had to be said

    Surprising that she has the muscles to lift those shoes.

  8. There’s more calories in that bottle of water than in her whole emaciated corpse. True story, I read it on the internet.

  9. jason

    After looking at this I immediately had to go and wash my eyes out with the pictures of Kelly Brook.


    so the meth epidemic has finally moved from middle america to middle earth. poor legolas =(

  11. kec232

    I guess she finally caved and ate that sleeve she’s been staring at all day…

  12. Who needs hips when your chest looks like a Klingon forehead?

  13. GuyLeDouche

    The Ethiopian Ambassador’s wife needs to get out in the sun more often.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    She looks even worse than in the last batch of pictures I’ve seen of her.

  15. Marty

    She cannot believe that her husband finds that body hot and “uncheatable.” She is so nasty.

    • LJ

      It probably has more to do with the $38 million she’s worth. If she starves herself to death, he’s hit the lotto.

  16. Mike701


  17. bbiowa

    Xylophone walking.

  18. Carolyn

    WHAT is she wearing? Arrrrgh….that chest hurts my eyes.

  19. ri

    Being able to see your whole skeleton through your skin is the new black!

  20. Mickey0123

    Somebody feed her a cheeseburger WTF!

  21. I think we need a medical opinion here. Paging Dr. Dina Lohan!

  22. Some people are naturally skinny; that’s not what’s going on here.

  23. Mr. Awesomepants

    Go Go Gadget Sternum!

  24. Jenn

    Where’s He-Man? We need him to slay Skeletor, stat!

  25. Venom

    This bitch can’t seriously think she looks healthy, can she?
    This is awful.

  26. vlad

    I’m just waiting for the moment when she disappears completely.

  27. cash

    she looks seconds from death

  28. Raoul

    When she sneezes her rings fly off.

  29. I can’t wait for the next season of “Walking Dead” to start.

  30. toopier

    It is difficult to comprehend the long-term neglect and surrounding situation that produces such a devastated, depressed creature as a starved horse.

  31. chopped75

    Somewhere, an ethiopian just fell off his rock from laughing so hard.

  32. fuckface

    looks like kate gosselin is trying to ressurect her tv career

  33. sc4play

    Yes sir, this is the kind of chest I dream about snuggling up with. No boobs to get in the way and some visible support! Yes sir, just what I’m looking for…….NOT!!!!

  34. chupacabra

    At least she’s staying hydrated.

  35. KC

    Off camera you can hear Sally Struthers saying, “For just pennies a day you too can help feed the starving people in her village.”

  36. Aud

    She should grate some parmesan on her sternum and sprinkle it heavily on a big bowl of pasta. Do it.

  37. Mwaddams

    Now we know where the crypt keeper has been all these years.

  38. There’s a skeleton, choking on a crust of…bread…

  39. LeAnn survived the avada kedavra curse but at great cost…

  40. Christina


  41. When Unicef asked her to be a spokes person for their campaign on starvation in Africa, she took her role to heart. She is a true method actor.

  42. She’s in training for her upcoming career change; skeleton for 1st year university Anatomy class.

  43. Uhno

    What’s the Jersey Devil doing in NYC?

  44. juaquin ingles

    Mumm-Ra is everliving.

  45. dontkillthemessenger

    Ethiopians are looking at this pic saying, “Damn bitch, take this last piece of bread.”

  46. tlmck

    This is the same face and body Roy Rodgers had when he died at 86.

  47. PtC

    Dear LeAnn Rimes,

    Eat me.

    Sincerely, Mayor McCheese

  48. JofaMang

    At some point in her career, a vocal coach asked her to channel her inner Karen Carpenter. Kudos, LeAnn, you really nailed it.

  49. geee

    Isn’t she just a picture of health.

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