1. Trixie

    When I get home, I’m going to take the seat off of this thing and have some *real* fun.

  2. Dharma Initiative Beans

    “Yeah, it turns into a bike. Ladies?”

  3. The Brown Streak

    So that’s what happened to Jennifer Aniston’s mobile dildo…

  4. chainsawbuzzkill

    Told you it was a lingerer. I ate eggs. That was probably it.

  5. I’m pretty sure Wolverine would have rather just walked.

  6. Adamantium Bike Post

  7. What’s with the two-wheeled unicycle?

  8. Venom

    Yep, definitely something a totally straight man would ride….

    • dontkillthemessenger

      Let’s just focus on what in this picture isn’t gay… all I could come up with is the sidewalk.

  9. Wonder if his toilet seet does the same thing.

  10. Dharma Initiative Beans

    Rogue: When it comes out…does it hurt?
    Wolverine: Every time.

  11. Mr. Awesomepants

    And the only thing worthy about this is that he’s riding Lady Gaga’s newest dress.

  12. Cock Dr

    WTF is he on?

  13. You know what they say about guys with long seat posts…

  14. “No my balls are not being crushed by this bicycle seat. I tucked them into my banana hammock just like how I tucked my jeans into my sock. Don’t judge me, Bub”

  15. Aud

    He is FION

  16. Swearin

    “Real Steel”, indeed

  17. gwinderson

    Eat your heart out, Kardashians.

  18. youbetcha

    Don’t hate on Wolverine. I don’t mind the view AT ALL.

  19. Does it hurt when it comes out?


  20. Steelerchick

    Damn….He’s hot

  21. cc

    I love the way he modded that bike but…stealing it from an 8 year old girl? Who does that?

  22. Ugh

    You KNOW someone has made this their screensaver, so they can look at it while sniffing Daddy’s old leather gloves…

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