1. Anthony

    Is it just me or are the boobs on that award gigantic?

  2. Trixie

    I’m NOT too old for this shit!!!!!

  3. Apparently he just found out about Mel making that Jewish movie…

  4. “The Afro-Caribbean Arts Awards in Paris?” Really? My local Walmart’s employee of the week award has more prestige… and press coverage.

  5. The Brown Streak


  6. it had to be said

    “Ha ha ha ha. You actually made an award for this shit?”

  7. Fish sucks on iPad

    HHEEEEYYY! i got it. i got soul.. and im superbad

  8. He looks like he just tried to say “Afro-Caribbean” with a straight face.

    • Venom

      Why? If you are black and you are not born in America or live in America, or ever visited America, it is kind of impossible to be African American.

      • It’s the “afro” part…not the “caribbean” part.

        Afro-american as a moniker for black Americans hasn’t been in vogue for over 40 years, and was in its time only popular for about half a decade.

  9. I’m guessing the rest of the Blacks in this country who are not of African descent probably have had enough of being called African Americans.

  10. Venom

    I came here to see the shoes.

  11. Mumbler

    ‘Cause I know somewhere, deep down in my heart… I still love you.”

  12. “And when she opened it–are you ready for this–it was my dick in a box!”

  13. Tanzarian

    “Women be shoppin’!”

  14. vlad

    I knew if I wore those ugly, fuckin’ shoes long enough, they’d win me an award!

  15. I124q

    planet of the apes awards

  16. GuidotheRed

    “I’m getting an Afro-Caribbean Artsie? It’s so wonderful to be mentioned alongside such greats as ‘Sugar Plantation Slave’ and ‘Hatian Cannibal 2: The Eatening’.”

  17. Aud

    “We’ve secretly replaced Mr. Glover’s award with a Shake Weight…lets see if he notices.”

  18. As a European American, I want to add my congratulations to a wonderful African American for winning this Afro Caribbean award amongst European Parisians.

  19. dani


  20. UncleDenial

    He is too old for this shit…that he’s taking in his pants at this exact second.

  21. gwinderson


  22. Demonstrating to the audience to show how most actors and musicians get their awards nowadays. Minus the spooge shooting out the top, of course.

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