1. The Brown Streak

    Damn, he stole Skarsgard’s hair piece.

  2. I’m fluent in reading “black dude eyes”, and he has nothing good to say about Owen Wilson.

  3. The classic cover the boner with a fanny pack move. Not as classic as the tuck it under the waistband before going up to the chalkboard to do a math problem move, but classic nonetheless.

    • TomFrank

      Pretty sure that’s a baseball cap.

      Tuck it under the waistband! THAT’S what I should have done! Stupid math class.

      • Damn, that is a baseball cap, now that you point it out. Damn Rorschachs. Well, same thing as I said only with baseball cap instead of fanny pack.

  4. extra long sleeves hide the scars.

    still too soon?

  5. Nice douche bag.

  6. Cock Dr

    He gives off a lovable bozo vibe, which is odd considering his history.
    Great hair, busted nose.

    • Allie

      Strange – I don’t get “lovable”. I get pissed-off and ready to snap.

      There’s a reason his golddigging baby mama ran back to the East Coast.

      This guy and Mel Gibson – ever try living with a dry drunk? Not a good scene…

  7. The trendy “Adele” cut is making it’s rounds through Hollywood.

  8. brenda

    i thought kate gosselin had gotten extensions.

  9. Whadya mean that wasn’t the Jets game. Damn, too many meds again!!

  10. celebutard

    It’s funny how the Butterscotch Stallion is carrying a “fanny” pack.

  11. Why is everyone asking me “Where’s Tubbs?” today? So weird.

  12. gwinderson

    After the second hour they started handing out free hash brownies… why else would he be there ??

  13. Two pictures of Nancy Grace in the same Crap? she’s getting more famous by the ridiculous comment.

  14. cc

    ‘I’m giving that hot chick Stosur my lucky hat!’

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