1. Proof positive that Leo is gay.

  2. Kitty

    Do not wear those sunglasses again, they make it look like she has a unibrow. she’s sure pretty.

  3. Fletch

    I’m stopping here. It can only go downhill.

  4. Something’s happening to my special purpose!

  5. Fish sucks on iPad

    She just got a standing ovation of 1.

  6. Johnny P!

    If two stunning women walk past an older homosexual man and a blind woman begging for alms, does anybody notice?
    This has been your Zen moment for the day.

  7. Huh. Spray on pants. Who knew?

  8. Venom

    OK, Leo, WTF?

  9. LJ

    Yeah, Leo’s an asshole.

  10. Cock Dr

    That is very very good.

  11. Mickey0123

    OMG how do you cut that loose?!

  12. *drool* That is all.

  13. Not only is she hot as hell, she’s named after my favourite place. Well done, Mr. and Mrs. Refaeli.

  14. Mwaddams


  15. Stewie Griffin

    Somewhere someone is tired of banging this and that someone is Leo.

  16. Nom nom nom nom nom nom.

  17. Go Leo!

    Leo sure knows that bimbos are only good for temporary fucking.

  18. Where’s her ass? In her purse?

  19. J.R.

    GOD DAMN! I’m just… left with… well, … without words. This is what dreams are made of. Very wet dreams.

  20. Hugh Johnson

    She needs my penis in her.

  21. cc

    Do Bar and the brunette beside her come as a set? (See that! A tennis double entendre! Genius.)

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