1. TheArtimus

    This has to rank the in top 10 jobs of all time.

  2. howie

    insert obligatory comment about spraying her with hose

  3. DeucePickle

    Is that Patrick Wharburton ?

  4. Deacon Jones

    Oh all the cunty models in the world, you have to respect one that acts like this. Oh, and poses topless. That helps.

  5. celebutard

    Desperation doesn’t wash off that easily.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    Quick, before anyone notices us with a camera and takes any pictures!

  7. You Don't Know Me

    “oh hi daddy. what did i do today? well, I just went for a walk in the park then went home and read until dinner. y’know, the usual stuff”

  8. Markus

    She’s not doing it right.

  9. This reminds me… whatever happened to Sam Jones III and Karissa Shannon?

  10. Blech


    Bad Actress: “Oh, Mikey. What a long day! I’m so hot in this summer sun…”
    Bad Actor: “Here, let me to hose you off…”
    Bad Actress: “That feels so goood, yeah…”

    Scripted Cinemax sex on car. Fake moaning.

    End scene.

  11. EZ-B

    Hey! I have that EXACT same hose sprayer. Unfortunately, I can’t relate to anything else in this picture.

  12. “Get away from my Ferrari skank!”

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