1. I guess putting Elmer’s glue on your chin before blowing a guy is ONE way to get a beard…

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Hello . . . My name is Christopher Mintz-Plasse . . . You still call me “McLovin” . . . Prepare to die . . .

    • Bionic_Crouton

      It wouldn’t matter if this guy won a Nobel Prize for curing aids and ending hunger, The news report would read “McLovin ends hunger and cures aids!”

  3. Icehawg

    Ya, it looks like nut hair. And McLovin still gets ass loads of hot tail and can cry himself to sleep into big ole stacks of money.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I would love to party with this guy.

  5. Sheppy

    When puberty hits, that thing will really kick-in.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    He has really come into his own, and has a promising future as ‘that guys Mexican friend who sits on the couch #2′ in many future movies.

  7. I bought my first joint from this guy, in 1982. It was behind the 7-11.

  8. DubhAgusBan

    His T shirt with the tuxedo on it must have been dirty

  9. Hank E. Ring

    I feel sorry for this guy. He has to go through life with that face.

  10. Mike

    What’s up with McLovin?

  11. sandycakes

    2 words; skee. zee. okay 3; barf.

  12. Ken

    Vote for Pedro

  13. RRP

    Man all you guys are a sad lot!

  14. You all shouldn’t rank on this guy so badly. I mean, what is he, around 8 or 9?

  15. asasssyshortcake

    Yikes. Please post a warning on the previous pic to warn me before showing me this ….

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