1. joe

    Must be a really formal gathering. She’s wearing pants.

  2. blonde

    This is getting sad.

  3. She’s got the “Walk of shame” look/uniform down pat.

  4. TheArtimus

    I feel bad for the youngsters that don’t realize she used to be one of the hottest chicks around.

  5. EricLr

    It’s really sad when Alzheimer’s patients get to that point where they can’t even remember to put on their pants.

  6. O'chunt

    Still would. Sorry guys.

  7. Animal

    I think she still looks pretty awesome!!!

  8. DubhAgusBan

    “I still remember my first boob job. Although back then it was called ‘Plasticke Chirurgery’. “

  9. your mom

    Walk of Shame, or is she just living in her car now?

  10. Emma Watson's Vagina

    i am so grateful i am not one of her sons.

  11. bigalkie

    Ms Anderson, can you just sign here for the de-lousing of my limo?

  12. Yeah, right Britney. You can’t fool me, I know that’s you.

  13. Senor Trout

    Jolly decent of the paps to Photoshop out the chlamydia-laced semen running down her leg.

  14. “Hep C ya’ real soon! – Love, Pamela”

  15. Matt

    Hmm, not bad. Still hasn’t hit the wall yet.

  16. i heart yo mama.

    She’s going on lunch break, but she’ll be back to finish everyone’s blow jobs.

  17. I would still wreck that. Just out of respect for how hot she used to be. I would blast my load all over her face.

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