1. EricLr

    How about I make it out to “Kiss my ass” instead?

  2. duineeilel


  3. DubhAgusBan

    I bumped in to him a couple of months ago and he was stocious. Really stocious. Langered, legless, one over the eight. Ab. so. lutely. floothered.

  4. “Yes, I know how to ski, why do you as. . . . You cocksucker, I will hunt you down and kill you.”

  5. cc

    Did you say Helmsworth young lady?

  6. Hank E. Ring

    Of course I know where I am, why would you ask such a question? Liam, I said Urine.

  7. Jara

    I love him!!!

  8. Jara

    Just imagine him without the scrawny beard. Why get all dressed up in a nice designer suit and not shave? He’s going to look at this picture in a few years and think, what was I thinking.

    • Once upon a time between films, actors tended to let their hair and beards go in the event that a role came around that required the shaggy look. I don’t know if that’s still the case, but looking some of these scruffy bastards, I suspect it is.

  9. hemorrhoidflare

    Next up: “Taken 3: Who stole Molly’s diaphragm?” hemorrhoid

  10. Mike

    Definitely looking forward to Taken 2! Who else is? Show hands!

  11. Will you sign this tree?

  12. sandycakes

    really? a toothpick? I’m a fan but gross.

  13. Frank The Duck

    “Who needs a pair on the 40 yard line??”

  14. Rade Serbedzija’s in this movie? Cool.

  15. Ruckus

    He was better as Voldemort.

  16. Snack pack

    “Who the fuck is Shawn Pen?”

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    I don’t know who you are. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that…

    “Please don’t… Just sign the autograph. and take that toothpick out of your mouth you’re almost sixty!

  18. Swearin

    “Wait, you have a wolf with you? And you want me to punch it?”

  19. Awesome at everything he does.

  20. eatme

    …I thought that “Unknown” was “Taken 2″ (ok, I know it wasn’t really, but in effect it was).

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