1. Beautiful….

    • Rico Jones

      You must have loved Tron: Legacy. I know I did. I mean the movie sucked just as much as the first Tron but she was smoking hot in that movie.

  2. EricLr

    I bet the PA’s in the background never dreamed they’d be living the glamorous showbiz life of having celebrities scream at them for getting the wrong brand of coffee.

  3. Not many women look smokin’ hot both skinny and with a little meat on their bones.

  4. Frank Burns

    Weight Watchers is going to be annoyed when they see Olivia wearing Jessica Simpson’s pants leg.

  5. kimmykimkim

    She’s pretty.

  6. Equinox

    Hmm…more like Olivia Wide.

  7. Flynbyu

    She was SO hot in The Change Up.

  8. Why does it look like Live with Kelly is filmed in my garage?

  9. lily

    dont get the hype

    • Different stokes for different folks. I guess one might find her to be something of a skanky bitch…I suppose. Maybe.

      [img] wilde2-340_433.jpg[/img]

    • Crissy

      I get the hype, she is so sexy! Have you seen her beautiful boobs?!

  10. Grandma Butt

    Sorry, not into flat, wide ass.

  11. Blech

    I’m just gonna say it…

    When women wear more fabric than the tacky napkins they normally wear in public, they look better.

  12. Skeeter

    I’d eat her ass if it meant I got to do her.

  13. Biff

    I liked her until her anti Romney comments. Who the hell wants another 4 years of Obabalatta?

  14. Meh. She’s got a pretty face, but does nothing for me otherwise.

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