1. catapostrophe

    “I’ll shay it wonsh more: Kindly remove yourshelf from my SHEET!”

  2. joe

    Sir Sean is no Jon Hamm.

  3. EricLr

    I’ve come for Trebek.

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    “sucky sucky?”

  5. Turd Ferguson

    Me love you loong time. Meeso horny.

  6. JC

    “Young lady, please engage your caterpillar drive.”

  7. “Yesh, I have the shortesht torsho ever. Your point?”

  8. Flynbyu

    You should see the look on the Ashians faysch when I told her to schit on my lahp.

  9. You don't know me

    uh-oh, Sean’s been out there creeping:


  10. cc

    The guy who said ‘That’s a Smith & Wesson…and you’ve had your six’ before snuffing some ne’er do well now dresses like this?

  11. Wow… his cock is a literal chick magnet.

  12. bigalkie

    Sir Cameltoe

  13. The Asian lady seems quite curious about his penis.

  14. LordInvader

    “You know, Kisshy, I don’t why you chose to meet here, but a paternity tesht doesn’t take itshelf. Let’s at leasht get a room.”

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    He’s still got it!

  16. coyote

    Women still want the “REAL James Bond”

  17. Joaquin ingles

    Asians are disappointed when they realize Octopussy isn’t about tentacle porn.

  18. Blech

    I wouldn’t kick him out of the seat next to me…

  19. i heart yo mama.

    Why is he wearing a stethoscope?

    • RobN

      It’s actually a little radio they give you so that you can listen to the commentary as you watch the match.

  20. He’s just showing her his prime specimen of Alabama blacksnake.

  21. The Most Interesting

    There’s a man with a wealth of experience. A man who’s seen the highs, the really lows, and many, many creamy middles. A man with fans from ten to ninety-and-ten.

    Which is why he carries a stethoscope.

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