1. catapostrophe

    $10,000 says there’s some kale in the bag.

  2. You know, 10 years ago we could of made one simple anonymous phone call to the FBI to get rid of this guy…

  3. OF FUCKING COURSE he has a Whole Foods bag in his hand.

    • cc

      Actually, I am a little surprised…I would have thought he’d have rejected them by now, dismissing them as ‘sell outs’.

  4. EricLr

    I think he and Shia Lebouf should hang out.

    From gallows.

  5. kimmykimkim

    Shave, you nasty fuck.

  6. Jesus Christ. When did Zach Galifanakis get the HIV?

  7. DubhAgusBan

    I have one word for you young man: Steam.

  8. bigalkie

    This guy has the uncanny ability to piss me off..

  9. sandycakes

    eat a sandwich and a kit kat for fucks sake.
    *Richard Jenni*

  10. Looks like he can’t remember where he parked his windowless white van.

  11. lily

    woof, skinny men are the worst

  12. Ruckus

    Heroin has turned him into Shia Lebouf

  13. El Jefe

    And bam, just like that, the douche throne has been snatched away from John Mayer and Chris Brown and reclaimed by its rightful master.

  14. It’s rare that I see someone that I could, and would, beat up. Usually it’s like a meat head that I would beat up, but could not actually defeat in a fight so I pass. Or some old dick at Star Bucks that I could beat up, but really wouldn’t out of decency. But this…..this is different.

  15. spartacus

    I won’t lie, I have an irrational desire to punch his face, punch it again and again while his little whiny douche voice complains.

    I have no justification for this comment.

  16. Douchebaggery personified.

  17. Martina

    ponytail … check
    early 70s style unkempt beard … check
    conspicuous tattoo … check
    iphone in hand … check
    Whole Foods shopping bag … check

    definitely fulfills all hipster douche requirements

    • Schmidtler

      still needs a fedora. then the face punching can commence.

      • NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! He is not allowed to wear a cool hat like a fedora. I will allow a beanie with a propeller, but nothing else that even comes close to being something that I would wear…


      • Martina

        My god, you’re right.
        Terrible oversight on my part – how could I forget that?

  18. This is why Muslims hate us. Producing cartoons of their prophet Muhammad.

  19. journalschism

    This guy fucked Scarlett Johansson. So who am I to judge a pretentious, talentless asshole whose best days occurred right around the time Chelsea Clinton’s potential siblings were being dribbled on Monica Lewinsky’s dress?

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