1. cc

    Charlie’s Angels look as perky as ever.

  2. The Pope

    For the love of god, put her in those Time Warner Cable commericals instead of frickin’ Bill Cower.

  3. crb

    Just remember, no matter how cute she is, your new girlfriend is still perfectly capable of having Herpes.

    -And that’s One To Grow On!

  4. dilla

    botoxface needs another makeup artist

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but an “eco-casino” sounds like a terrible idea.

  6. Skeeter

    Some people criticize Minka for having “cankles” but I don’t get it. She’s hot. Heck, I’d be satisfied just jerking off onto her so-called cankles.

  7. richie

    Wow, that’s a beautiful woman!!

  8. She’s hot but carries the Eau de Jeter stank.

  9. What the heck, for a signed baseball and cab fare home, I’d bang her.

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