1. glam

    Hep hep hooray (?)

  2. catapostrophe

    “Who do I have to blow for a refill around here? I’m totally serious.”

  3. crb

    “You know the cool thing about this dress? -Used to be 100% mosquito netting. The bits you see filled in? Alll bacteria and viruses, baby. I’m like a human cheese mold. A-hah; -And I mean EVERYWHERE, big boy…”

  4. Ali

    You know a celebrity is really going downhill when they go out in public in their nightgown

  5. “I’m done. Where do I put my urine sample?”

  6. Speaking of the walking dead…

  7. This looks like the front of a Christmas card… ♫ ♪ I’ll be Ho’ for Chrsitmas-s-s-s… ♪ ♫

  8. “Ma, what are you doing? Seriously…. MA! The meat loaf! Fuck…!”

  9. navvet75

    I would still do her

  10. Looks her exact age.

  11. o'chunt

    I would, too, still hit that. Ask me again in 10 years.

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